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Best places to visit in Ibiza: readers travel tips

In Ibiza’s north, this is a pretty stretch of sand and pebbles, with rocks on either side that you can climb over, and it offers an appealing view across the water to a fascinating rock development understood as Cap Bernat (the hand of God to residents). This protected bay is a popular anchoring spot for private yachts and motor boats, which collect in the late afternoon to enjoy the romantic sundown, accompanied on Sundays by the drummers who descend on the beach to drum down the sunset it’s a unique Ibiza experience, developed over lots of years. If you travel on ford mustang 2017 it will blossom your journey.

The view from Sa Talaiassa

Sa Talaiassa, a 1,560 ft (475-meter) mountain, is the acme in Ibiza, signposted from St Joseph in the south-west of the island. It offers a spectacular view from east and west coasts. You can enjoy the sundown in its entire splendor, listening to nothing but the noise of nature. To the east, you’ll see the island darkening beneath a stunning purple sky, while the west is still lit in a deep orange sunset. It’s the most magical way to experience the natural beauty of Ibiza free of charge.

Teatro Pereyra (live music bar)

This is a vibrant place set within the lobby of the island’s historical previous theatre. Pereyra is located in the Old Town, with jazz, soul and Latin performances on stage from 11.30 pm until 3.30 am. The diverse selection of drinks go up in price once the music kicks in, but you won t find a better mojito, and there is no entrance fee or silly VIP area. A diverse (though not exclusively) mature crowd, genuine music, no lines and subtle lighting make for an unforgettable evening.

Es Cubells

This tiny town has the best location on Ibiza. Amidst olive, lemon and citrus groves, it is set down on a headland with clear, continuous views over the silver-sprayed sea to the island of Formentera. Check out the lovely old church or walk down high actions to the white sandy beach, before heading back to delight in the vista from the balcony of family-run Bar Llumbi it serves fresh fish or paella for 12.

The Fish Shack

Head down the rocky head of Talamanca beach and at the seafront you will discover the Fish Shack, where chairs are plastic, the waiters call out the day’s menu, and the fish is fresh. You’re taking a look at 10 a plate for lemon-topped grilled sea bass, juicy tuna steaks and fat prawns, complete with garlic sautéed potatoes and med salad.


Eating out in Cala Mastella

We discovered a little gem of a dining establishment when we were checking out the numerous beautiful coves Ibiza needs to provide. A bit off the beaten track, Cala Mastella is a small cove lined with small, rustic fishing huts.

Scramble over the rocks to the left and you will discover El Bigotes, a small restaurant that is always buzzing with people at lunch break. Just one dish is served here, an incredible fish stew, cooked over a wood fire. Arrive early or you won t get a table. A real Ibizan experience.

Casita Verde neighborhood

Ibiza is a hub for alternative living, and arguably simply as many people flock to the island to experience that as they do for the clubbing scene. Casita Verde is a long-established neighborhood promoting a more sustainable lifestyle, in idyllic environments. Open to the general public every Sunday from 2-7pm, it serves a homemade, and homegrown, vegetarian lunch for just 7. You can tuck in under the shade of a stunning carob tree while enjoying live music and the sea view. Later on you can take part in a guided trip to see the accommodation for those who live there (yurts and tree-houses galore) and learn about the compost toilets, solar panels and plants.

Liquido Cocktail Bar, Santa Eulalia

We went to Santa Eulalia last year it's a clean, pleasant, upmarket-looking resort with a boardwalk that's made for people-watching. I would advise the Hawaiian Explosion and the Mai Tai, but I regret not attempting the huge G&T's I saw other individuals drinking.

Bicycles, bikes and gazpacho

Test the other side of Ibiza on a bike. Route 19 winds upwards and northwards from Ibiza town for 60km. Soon you are pedaling through villages with traditional churches and cafes. Fields of olives and swaying cypresses stretch out prior to you, until you arrive in St Lloren. Take in the view of the sea, shimmering at night light, and pop in to La Paloma dining establishment for a delicious gazpacho (6) or a tasty fish stew (15).

Cala D en Serra cove


Visit the really north of the island, down an unpaved rough track, and you’re rewarded with a stunning small cove with old fishing huts, a handful of sunbathers and a little chiringuito. The abandoned hotel at the back of the beach simply contributes to the individuality of the spot. Just were to tell anybody.

Seven genius travel apps you NEED for your vacation Gone are the days of vacations that are off the grid. Smartphone’s can offer up a world of possibilities as you handle your worldly experiences. Where once a travel setback stood in the kind of a missed flight or a language barrier, has actually now been replaced with technological lifelines at the touch of a button. There are apps to take care of every element of your journey from start to finish and these are the best of the savvy bunch.


1. XE currency converter


There s a reason this app has been downloaded more than five million times. It’s certainly not the only currency converter on the marketplace; however XE is the best in its league. Not just is it complimentary, but extremely easy to use and with live currency rates, it’s the most precise and efficient way to handle what you’re investing abroad.


2. Citymapper


Launch your bearings to the Citymapper Gods and permit this app to take you in the right direction. Offering far more detail than Google Maps, this transportation invention finds the fastest method from A to B using real-time departure and interruption alerts. The journey organizer map has a high chance of coming in handy, readily available in 30 nations worldwide and counting.


3. Snapseed


What’s the point in going on vacation if you can t sprinkle the snaps on social networks to show it? Take your selfies to a professional-looking level with Snapseed - the supreme photo-editing app. You can select from different presets prior to experimenting with the atmosphere, structure, saturation and contrast making your image Insta-perfect (and your co-workers adequately envious).


4. Airbnb


The company has constructed a solid track record with travelers all over the world and Airbnb’s app is a perk byproduct. This mini variation of the holiday home site links locals with tourists for an accommodation experience as amazing as your creativity.


5. Duolingo


If only we might all innately know the best ways to say toilet in every language. However Duolingo is here to help - as soon as voted Apple’s App of the Year, this language learning device is smashing travel barriers. More than 70 million people have actually downloaded it and there’s no better time to begin than right now. You can get languages well prior to you’ve left your home town and carry on learning once you’re the home of hold onto that vacation spirit just a bit longer.


6. FlightTrack


Setting this flight tracker app apart is its awesome ability to help you both on and offline.

It provides updates on hold-ups, gates and cancellations for more than 3,000 airports around the globe, with a zoomable map to track your plane in the air or on the ground.

7. TripAdvisor

The guaranteed way to squeeze the most out of your getaway, TripAdvisor’s app is a relied on source of fun from individuals who know best: visitors. This crowd-sourced overview of everywhere from hotels to restaurants and attractions will ensure you don’t waste any of your valuable holiday minutes. Plus you can post your own reviews to lift the lid on any concealed gems you find all by yourself.



School holiday travel mayhem - Government to step in? The Government is not dismissing stepping in to keep aircrafts in the air after threatened strike action by aviation security workers throughout the school vacations. Transportation Minister Simon Bridges verified Cabinet was briefed on contingency strategies to keep airport security checks going if mediation to avert the strike failed. While neither Bridges nor Prime Minister John Key would define the alternatives, Key verified outside staff could "potentially" be used to cover the gaps. That could include flying up South Island staff who has currently settled their contract to cover gaps at North Island airports. Others with specialist skills in security screening include police, customs or defense workers however Key would not verify they were among the choices under consideration.

Bridges stated he was still expecting an "amicable solution" to avoid strike.


"Obviously for safety and security we need to have individuals who can take a look at those x-ray machines, understand precisely what they're trying to find and ensure they're offering the security New Zealanders and others travelling through our airports require and should have." Air travel Security employees will hold rolling three hour strikes in Auckland and Wellington on July 20, July 25 and July 27. The descent on coincides with school vacations. There will also be overtime prohibits in location at different times in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The general public Service Association stated on Tuesday aeronautics security unions had consented to last minute mediation on July 15 but strike notifications would continue to be in location. "We're hopeful AvSec will have the ability to bring an offer to the table which will resolve this stalemate," PSA National Secretary Glenn Barclay said. Secret stated Civil Aviation believed it could minimize interruption to both worldwide tourists and New Zealanders impacted by the timing over the school holiday period.

His suggestions were that airports could stay open, but there would be "considerable hold-ups" unless contingency strategies were put in location.


"[It's] coinciding with an extremely busy time throughout the school vacations. We do not desire to see holiday makers interrupted. We've been actively trying to settle this, as we've finished with one of the 3 unions." However if that failed, he would not dismiss federal government intervention. "That is possible. However the guarantees I've looked for makes it clear to me that the Civil Aviation Authority is pretty positive they have the contingency prepares in place to reduce that interruption." Labor leader Andrew little stated the suggestion that authorities or others might fill out was "union slamming". National had history for strike breaking under former prime minister's Sid Holland and Rob Muldoon.

"No doubt they commemorated all that this weekend at their 80th birthday. But that would be classic National Party if they wish to go back down that course, and in the end I think, most people anticipate the Government to rely on their companies and state 'yes, we've got to treat you fairly, treat you professionally, and sit round the table and accomplish the settlement."


Little stated unions did not take this action gently.


"It's my experience that union members do not rush into taking commercial action. Most of them dislike it. "They do not like needing to lose pay, when they believe they're being treated unjustly by their employer." The commercial action will be the very first walk-off by aeronautics security personnel in 30 years and their union says they have no option. Unions and their company, Aviation Security, failed to settle longstanding claims over pay and conditions for a proposed new collective arrangement. Members state they will strike for 2 weeks, during one of the busiest times of the year for the winter airline company schedule. Public Service Association and E tu members voted for a series of three-hour strikes at Auckland and Wellington airport and a ban on overtime and working additional hours for personnel at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. PSA national secretary Glenn Barclay said the action would be the first time AvSec staff had actually walked off the job since the mid-1980.

Aeronautics security personnel are law enforcement authorities and are responsible for maintaining security, searches, and airport access. Barclay said there would be "substantial interruption" to the travelling public. "Our members are extremely reluctant to do this, however they seem like they have no option. "The newest offer by the Aviation Security Service will see a few of our members go three years without a pay increase." But Bridges said the offer to Aviation Security personnel was "a strong" one. "If you compare throughout the general public sector they can be viewed as at the upper end undoubtedly air travel gatekeeper have been - in terms of their terms and conditions - likewise at the upper end compared to other clothing doing equivalent work. We've seen here a strike notice created to cause optimal disruption by the unions." Air travel Security stated a statement prepared for Tuesday afternoon would be delayed and it would not speak to media.




APX Travel Management president Andrew Dale said it was advising its corporate customers to permit additional time when travelling to the airport throughout the strike, especially throughout the peak periods of early morning and late afternoon. "Due to the familiarity of airport process for routine tourists they typically leave their arrival for a flight to the eleventh hour," Dale said. "We don't desire anyone getting captured out when the strikes are set up." He did not expect any major interruption during off peak times. Flight Centre NZ general supervisor retail Sue Matson stated visitors flying internationally need to arrive at the airport at least three hours prior to their flight departs. "We likewise recommend our customers touch base with their airline or departure airport directly before flying to look for schedule modifications," Matson said. Flight Centre clients could likewise call its 24-hour helpline for as much as date information.